Waterproof Case VS. Liquipel

This is cool..

Digital Whistle

Waterproof cases, they work, they get the job done, they keep your phone safe from the accidental death plunge into water, but what if you don’t like the big, bulky, rubbery waterproof cases?  Well now you don’t need a waterproof case to protect your phone, now you have liquipel.

Liquipel is a company out in California that has figured out a way to internally waterproof your phone, computer, camera, or any electronic device and keep it safe from water damage, WITHOUT a waterproof case.


All you need to do is send your phone or electronic device out to Liquipel (yes that requires you to live without your phone or device for a little while) and they waterproof your stuff for you and send it back.

Now most people probably think, “how much is this gonna cost me?” Well believe it or not, in most cases it’s cheaper then buying…

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